Artist’s Statement

Chris Doherty captures the dramatics of weather, enjoying high-contrast landscapes created by energetic atmospheres such as high winds, heavy clouds and downpours of rain. Although based in the Midlands, Chris is drawn to paint the coast, attracted by the movement of water and clouds. Rather than capturing a realistic image of place, Chris spends time soaking in the atmosphere, capturing glimpses of marks, colours and composition in initial sketches and photographs. In the studio, the landscape which appears on the canvas is layered over by memories of place, adding in non-topographical elements which enhance the tenor of the landscape.

A lifelong fascination with water, cloud and rolling hills draws me to coastal areas. Though living as far away from the sea as possible, in the middle of this island, I am drawn to the drama of the sea and compelled to capture the feel of this, bringing it home in a painting.”

Current Work

Limited-edition Prints

These original paintings are available as limited-edition signed and mounted prints. Get in touch for more details.